Easter Weekend 2016

As Miss Great (aka Greta Garbor) and I were walking through the neighborhood earlier today we decided to sit under our favorite tree and relax in the shade.  This is a favorite spot of ours and it is a lovely place.  Right now in Arizona, we are experiencing a beautiful spring.  Actually we had winter back in early January for about 2 weeks.  February brought in temperatures in the mid-high 80’s, breaking records and causing everything to bloom a bit early.  Now here it is late March and we’ve already broke 90 more than once.  No…not yet!  This past week we cooled down a bit and the temps are perfect.

Here’s Greta enjoying that beautiful cool green grass on her tummy.  Greta is a 9 1/2 year old toy poodle who thinks the world revolves around her every need.  I guess it does in a way although I do my best to not let her rule mine.



Being able to take a few minutes out of our busy life and sit under a tree and experience the cool grass brings back fond memories for me as a child.  Easter was always a fun Holiday.  I grew up on the southern coast of Oregon where spring was (and still is) a mixture of rain, a day or two of sun, rain, wind and rain, fog and more rain.  With all that moisture the colors come alive once everything starts to bloom.  You know spring is actually coming when the crocus, daffodils and tulips start pushing their green leaves through the mud or in some cases snow.  By the time Easter arrives they are in full bloom.

Here are some beautiful pictures taken near Woodburn, Oregon.  These fields span for many acres on both sides of Interstate 5 just north of Salem.  Every year these fields are tenderly loved and nurtured so the bulbs and flowers can be harvested for market.  It is always a treat to see them in full bloom.


Other fond memories are around my mom spending the entire week getting everything ready.  She, like most moms in those days, were stay at home moms.  That was usual back in those days of growing up in the ’50’s and ’60’s in small town USA.  She would plan the shopping, cooking and baking for who ever was coming to Easter Dinner. That always happened after Sunday morning church and included the exciting Easter Egg Hunt.  Getting a new Easter outfit for church meant either going shopping (which was rare) or her working for weeks ahead of time making them.  Depending on the budget there may have been a pair of shoes or when we were really small, a hat and purse.  Having four kids meant stretching the dollar a lot!  Dinner was always the traditional Easter Ham.  She would make Banana Pudding and a cake shaped like an Easter Rabbits head.  She always put frosting covered in coconut (my dads favorite) to make it look like fur.  It was lots of fun and definitely fond memories for me.

As we travel through life, our traditions shift and change as our families change.  Parents grow old and pass on, we become parents and our kids grow up.  They have families and create traditions of their own. Life moves and shifts constantly.  Moving in time with those changes can be challenging.  However, the most important thing to remember is that no matter where you are in life, you always have the choice to be loving and kind to everyone you come in contact with.  Love is always the answer.

So as I sat and let the cool green grass caress my bare feet today, I realized how grateful I am for the upbringing I had.  How fortunate I am to be who I am and to have friends and family and pets that love me.

So until next time, may your journey on the sidewalk of life be one filled with love and happy times.

The Sidewalk Traveler

Loving Spring in Arizona
Cool Grass on my toes






Taking The First Steps

Welcome to the first post of SIDEWALK TRAVELER.  This journey started with the desire to create something that would bring joy not only to myself but to those who choose to travel  with me.

I have done quite a bit of research recently on starting a blog.  Who hasn’t?  Seems that anyone you talk to or anything you read is filled with the big question. Do you have a blog?  That’s followed by: Why do you want to start a blog and what will you gain from it?  Here’s the even bigger question…will you make any money from it?  My monkey mind challenged me with the ole’ “what do you have to say that someone else hasn’t said”.

My answer to all of these questions is I won’t know if I don’t try.  All of the unknowns will remain until I discover the answers for myself.  I’m not here to out blog anyone or to prove anything to anyone except myself.  Being a Baby Boomer has taught me that it’s not so much what you say rather than how you say it.  Well, perhaps that’s not entirely true.  What I have to say IS IMPORTANT.  It’s my voice expressing what it is I have to say about what I see and feel.

Having the desire to create is part of our human nature.  When we are young children, before age sever or eight, we are filled with joy and happiness.  The sense of wonder at every little thing we encounter makes life joyful.  We begin to change as we enter school and start growing up.  When we are about the age of eighteen we set out to change the world.   We think we have all the answers to solve all the worlds problems.  Then life happens.  We get caught in the daily grind of trying to support ourselves.  We go to school, get jobs, have families and slowly the years go by.

One day we realize our lives are being lived by someone who may not have experienced their true selves.  Someone who doesn’t necessarily understand what the words joy and happiness means anymore.  We have forgotten those moments when we were younger and filled with awe.  We may think “no one ever taught me what the meaning of living in joy and happiness is”.  That is because as we grew up, perhaps those who we looked up to didn’t even understand it.  They had forgotten because life may have become too overwhelming for them.

It doesn’t really matter.  That is all in the past and we have to understand they did the best they could.  Granted it may have been messed up but never the less, it’s in the past. Some where along the way we figure out that the only thing that needs to change is inside each of us.  What we allow to come out is our true nature.  Our true selves, the creator.


Learning to exercise our voice and be heard takes practice.  We have an entire life time of being told what to believe by those whose perception is they know best what is right for us.  By whose description or authority do they know what is best for each of us?  They don’t.  We also have to unlearn the exercise of being seen and not heard from our childhood.  Whether it be from our parents, grandparents, or anyone who was given that authority including the classroom and church pew. We have to be willing to unlearn that behavior, get over the guilt, forgive them (and ourselves) and move on.  I know that is much easier said than done but we will all be better off once we learn it.

Sidewalk Traveler is the creation I choose to allow to come forth today.  I chose this title and subject because it will be an expression of how I see life.  It is my view from the place on the sidewalk I am standing or walking as it may be.


Who knows where it will lead but the journey is going to be fantastic.  Live each day by being present and in the moment.  Stop to enjoy the little things.  Stop and take a walk on a quiet sidewalk and see what you discover.

Until next time…keep living life to the fullest from whatever sidewalk you are on.