Thanks for Stopping By

Each of us have life experiences that allows us to grow as individuals.  These experiences give us the opportunity to contribute our thoughts to those we share our lives with.  We can impact so many lives by being loving, kind, joyful, supportive. encouraging and funny. Don’t forget the humor.  Taking the time and focus off of ourselves, even for short moments, can speak volumes of the type of individual we are.

The human emotions are interesting.  They can be humorous, painful, nostalgic, sympathetic, scary or just plain weird.  What ever and how ever they are expressed here, it is my desire to bring some joy to a crazy world with the hope of having a positive impact on others. Oh, and don’t forget the humor.

I have life experiences that have helped me form who I am today, at this very moment.  I love lots of things in life.  Family, friends, plants and animals, earth and human kind.  At this stage of my life I’m not concerned about impressing anyone.  I live my life simply and with lots of love. My goal is to share a few insights from my perspective.  Perhaps some will resonate with you.

So grab a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of wine and join me as the journey and stories unfold.


A friend I found at the Beach in Bandon, Oregon.